Our Mother Tongue is our wealth. Any Malayali living in any corner of the world needs to know Malayalam atleast to communicate with family members and relatives.
Only through our mother tongue we can closely know the cultural heritage of our land.

This website 'entemalayalam' intends to give an overall idea of Malayalam language and about Kerala to the Non-Resident Keralites.
It enables on-line learning, knowing, using and testing Malayalam



amXr`mj \½psS k¼¯mWv. tIcfw hn«v temI¯nsâ GXv tImWnð t]mbmepw _Ôp¡tfmSpw aäpw kwkmcn¡phm\pw hnhc§ft\zjn¡phm\pw thïnsb¦nepw amXr`mj Adnªncnt¡ïXv AXymhiyamWv. `mjbneqsS am{Xta \½psS \mSnsâ kmwkvImcnIss]XrIw ASp¯dnbm³ IgnbpIbpÅq.
aebmf `mjtbbpw \½psS \mSmb tIcft¯bpw Ipdn¨v {]hmkn aebmfnIÄ¡v kmam\yhnhcw \ðIm³ Dt±in¨psImïpÅXmWv'Fsâ aebmfw' Fó Cu sh_vsskäv.
Hm¬sse\neqsS aebmfw ]Tn¡phm\pw Adnbphm\pw D]tbmKn¡phm\pw AdnªXv
]cntim[n¡phm\pw Cu sh_vsskäv klmbn¡pw.

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